The Watt Drive


Turn your climate anxiety into climate action

Take action to combat your climate anxiety with a combined ‘switch off’ to help others!

Climate anxiety is rising globally as more people are becoming worried about their futures amidst the growing climate emergency. The only way to alleviate this anxiety is by taking action. KwattSwap is setting upcoming events to help you play your part in providing a cleaner, greener future.

The first big event is now scheduled….The Watt Drive.

The Watt Drive allows you to take part in a symbolic switch off of dirty energy which will be swapped for green energy provided for schools in Africa.

Who the event is going to help

Your donation goes towards providing green energy generated through renewable sources that will power The Hope & Bright Future School in Nairobi and the Kabakel school in Gambia. We aim to provide the schools with a renewable power source that they don’t currently have. The schools will benefit from a greener future removing the need for their students studying under dangerous kerosene lamps as the only light source available to do so. Kerosene lamps are a major local contributor to carbon emissions released into the atmosphere causing unrepairable damage. In Africa, they have an abundance of solar energy that could be used if they have access to the equipment to do so. KwattSwap aims to fit schools in Africa solar powered battery systems to combat this problem.

With a donation towards ‘The Watt Drive’, you’ll be helping KwattSwap in their mission to provide these schools with their new renewable power source as they will use the funds raised through donations to send a battery pack system to both schools in Africa. KwattSwap strive to ‘swap’ dirty energy for clean energy globally. Black carbon producing kerosene lamps being swapped for a solar powered, renewable energy source will greatly help these schools moving forward in their journey to educating kids in the local area. The kids will benefit from working in a cleaner more sustainable environment. KwattSwap hope they can encourage residents in the United Kingdom to reduce their carbon emissions and with the money saved through doing so, help people in Africa to have a renewable future. 

How to play your part in the big event

1. Donate towards the big event

Use the button below to make a donation towards The Watt Drive event. Suggested donation is £5.00.

2. Switch off your appliances for 30 mins

Switch off your appliances for 30 mins or more to save money on your energy bills and to swap the dirty energy we use for clean energy in Africa.

3. Keep in touch

Keep in touch by subscribing to our mailing list for future updates on the installation of renewable energy systems we provide to Africa purchased from your donations.

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What appliances can we switch off?

In each and every day, we have a number of appliances completely on or on standby when not in use. In some cases, a family can have multiple devices running all day and only used for a fraction of time. These devices when running all year round, can add a substantial amount to your carbon footprint. We’re asking everyone to turn off their appliances for 30 minutes reducing the dirty energy used through these appliances that will then be swapped for clean energy in Africa. A list of some of your appliances could be:

  • T.V(s)
  • Gaming consoles
  • Sky, Virgin Atlantic etc boxes
  • D.V.D players
  • Sound systems
  • Alexa’s
  • Computers and tablets
  • Kitchen appliances e.g toasters, kettles, microwaves etc
  • Lights and lamps.

There may be other appliances in your house so have a look to see what else you can switch off for your 30 minute challenge.

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