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It’s a win-win energy solution

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Donate all (or a portion) of your “dirty” energy from as little as:

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clean energy

There is a shortage of power in Africa. Many rural areas don’t have access to any electricity.

Most of these families rely on candles, kerosene lamps and fires. The fumes are toxic and dangerous.

Do you believe climate change is the biggest crisis facing humanity today, but are ‘confused’ about how to help?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Join the energy fast revolution today to combat climate change.

Follow these 3 simple steps to get started:

1. Take action

Subscribe to KwattSwap and commit to the energy fast; this means doing something one day a month that reduces your impact on the environment. We have a few ideas but you can choose your own.

Once you have chosen your activity, place a monetary value on your ‘fast’. This can be calculated in kilowatt savings. Assign your own value on your effort or refer to our energy saving formula.

2. Donate

Your money can now make a significant difference to people in the developing world.

Your donation will help remove black carbon emitting kerosene and diesel from households and replace them with green, renewable, free electricity.

Find out more about black carbon, this is where your donations can make a real difference.

3. Save and Swap

By signing up to the energy fast, you have chosen to reduce your impact on climate change.

This effort can be monetised and used to swap kerosene and diesel emitting black carbon out for solar giving, clean energy.

For a bigger impact, why not encourage your family, friends and colleagues to subscribe too – then you can really build an energy revolution.

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Ways you can start saving and switching today!


Turn off lights when you are not in the room. The bathroom, kitchen, hallway and bedroom are usually the main culprits.


Save energy by reducing your gaming time. Even playing for one hour less a day could save you £18.72 a year.*

PlayStation 4 consumes electricity at 285 watts per hour, closely followed by the Xbox at 254 watts per hour.


Switch your TV off when you are not watching it. If you think you might forget, why not switch it to standby mode? That way if you do, it will turn off automatically.

Rather than using the normal viewing setting on your TV, switch it to energy-saving mode, this usually dims the backlight which means the power consumption should drop by a third.


Kettle – only boil the water that you need. Use the water while it is still hot to avoid re-boiling.
Fridge – close the door behind you so that the fridge doesn’t have to work harder to get back to the right temperature.
Hairdryer and straightener – let your hair air dry every now and then and save on the energy consumption.
Washing machine – use on energy saving mode, make sure you do full loads so you are not doing many small loads.

Heating and cooling

Put on a jumper and some socks instead of cranking up the heating. It’s also helpful to put the heating on a timer so that it doesn’t run all day and through the night.

In summer, open the windows and get the breeze in rather than putting the air-con on.

Car journey

If more people left the car at home every day, particularly for short journeys we can reduce our fuel consumption. We would also reduce levels of road congestion and free up our streets, making them safer.


It’s a win-win energy solution

Estimated energy saving
over the year

Turn 6 lights off when not in the room £18.92

1 hour less gaming time per day £18.72

Turning the TV off when you are not watching £12.48

Yearly saving of £50.12

Reduce your mileage by 10 miles per week
and you could save £286


Debit Orders
Weekly £1
Monthly £5

Once off
All or a portion of your
Kilowatt savings i.e £50

See How We Got These Calculations


It’s a win-win energy solution

#Step 1 Make a list of electrical appliances from your home or office/workspace

#Step 2 Find the wattage on the appliance label

#Step 3 Multiply wattage by hours used each day

#Step 4 Multiply your answer by the number of days you’re measuring.

#Step 5 Divide the result by 1,000

#Step 6 Multiply by the cost of electricity per Kwh. eg 18 pence per Kwh

Specific Examples to Help With Calculations

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