Swap Your Dirty Power
Consumption for Clean Energy
in the Developing World

Do you believe climate change is the biggest crisis facing humanity today, but are ‘confused’ about how to help?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Join the energy fast revolution today to combat climate change.

Follow these 3 simple steps to get started:

1. Take action

Subscribe to KwattSwap and commit to the energy fast; this means doing something one day a month that reduces your impact on the environment. We have a few ideas but you can choose your own.

Once you have chosen your activity, place a monetary value on your ‘fast’. This can be calculated in kilowatt savings. Assign your own value on your effort or refer to our energy saving formula.

2. Donate

Your money can now make a significant difference to people in the developing world.

Your donation will help remove black carbon emitting kerosene and diesel from households and replace them with green, renewable, free electricity.

Find out more about black carbon, this is where your donations can make a real difference.

3. Save and Swap

By signing up to the energy fast, you have chosen to reduce your impact on climate change.

This effort can be monetised and used to swap kerosene and diesel emitting black carbon out for solar giving, clean energy.

For a bigger impact, why not encourage your family, friends and colleagues to subscribe too – then you can really build an energy revolution.

Join the Energy Revolution!

The Watt Drive is here!

Turn your climate anxiety into climate action by taking part in The Watt Drive!

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Each Individual Can Take a Small Step
to Make BIG Changes!

Join Us!

Get involved to start solving 2 problems at once

It’s a win-win energy solution

Developed nations
like the UK

Use too much dirty energy from fossil fuels like coal and crude oil.

This energy pollutes the environment and contributes to climate change, global warming.

Developing nations
like those in Africa

There is a shortage of power in Africa. Many rural areas don’t have access to any electricity.

Most of these families rely on candles, kerosene lamps and fires. The fumes are toxic and dangerous.

What can my donated
kilowatts do?

We collate the weekly, monthly and one-off monetary donations and use them to buy solar kits, power blocks or invest in mini-grids for widows, orphans, families, schools, and hospitals in Africa.

Providing clean energy to these developing communities changes the lives of these people. Having access to clean energy means; increase in job opportunities, safety for vulnerable women and children, education, power for hospitals and medical outreach clinics with Mobile Power Units.

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